Barking Mad

Ernie's a great dog. Until he opens his mouth!

When Harry, a down-and-out stoner, is hired by Frank, a shady businessman, to take care of his partner’s pit bull Ernie, things get terribly complicated when the dog begins to talk back, bringing his abrasive and cynical wit to the table, forcing Harry to clean up his act so that both of them might be saved.

Life on Another Planet 

When Taylor, an astronaut who wants no part of society, lands on a planet at war, he must choose between his desire to be left alone and the temptation of wealth and power.

Taylor has been flying solo missions for years and likes it just fine that way. On his return to earth, he is forced to land on an alien planet where two factions are at war with each other and Taylor’s presence resurrects the legend of “The Chosen One,” the man who is to lead a downtrodden people to freedom.

Now What?

Where exactly is the fine line between reality and make-believe located?

When the life of two writers gets sandwiched between the reality of their marital difficulties and the fantasy of their fiction writing, they become both hunter and hunted, confront their differences and learn how to survive together.


When a man returns to his hometown to clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit, he discovers that everybody in town wants to kill him.

Somebody Loves You Captain Flynn

Can your past show you the way to a better future?

The story of a bitter old cop and his reluctant transformation into a gentler, kinder man after ghostly visitations by an annoying child shows him the error of his ways.

When Harry Flynn, a hard-boiled, one-man vigilante New York City detective gets remanded to a desk job in his precinct after he is shot in the line of duty, he annoys every one of his colleagues until he gets promoted to a Community Liaison Officer where he deals with children at the local school. Complications arise when Harry is confronted with the ghosts of his past, present and future with one very annoying child as his guide.


During the American Revolution in Boston, with Mercy Otis Warren provoking him, Samuel Adams conspires to arouse public sentiment with invidious propaganda and direct violent mob manipulation to incite riot against the standing British army and clear a pathway to American Independence.

How’m I Doin?

When the entire New York City Transit System goes on strike, leaving millions stranded, Mayor Ed Koch rallies the public and brings New York back from the brink of catastrophe.

Dodgers Blues

When Walter O’Malley gains ownership of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he turns his sights on greater profits and sunnier skies.

Searching for Matilda

The story of Matilda Gage, a nineteenth-century radical feminist.

Without Lying Down

Screenwriter Frances Marion fights her way to the top in the male-dominated power structure of early Hollywood.

One Sure Thing

When a hapless gambler and his wife, in search of paradise, make off with a bundle of his bookie's money, their peace and quiet gets disturbed when the bookie eventually tracks them down.

Frank Booker is a hapless gambler who’s always trying to prove himself to his wife: one day he’s going to hit it big and then he’ll finally feel worthy of her love. Not only does that day arrive, but in the process, he manages to make off with a suitcase full of his bookie’s money. The ensuing chase leads them down to Mexico where Frank gives his bookie a surprise that is worth more than all them money he stole.


Or...The Aliens Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

So, twenty years later, the aliens are getting ready to come back to earth again. They’ve improved everything: weapons, aircraft, defense shields etc.; except the engineer who told them they ought to cover up the hole in their ass that the humans used to defeat them the first time gets shuttled off to a backwater department in the alien bureaucracy. And guess what happens?

Two Guys

Two guys, both teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and sobriety, go to New Orleans to complete a project that will potentially set them both on a better path in life.

The older guy is sober and broke and divorced, the younger guy drunk and broke and heading for a divorce. The older guy has the wisdom and knowledge of the deal, and is being sent on this trip to make sure the younger guy, who is brilliant at negotiating deals, shows up and stays sober long enough to complete the transaction.

The Last Precinct

A story of love, jealousy, revenge, power, and murder set inside three generations of one police family in Brooklyn.