Death Valley – an event series

When a man takes his wife and children to California during the Gold Rush, he attempts a shortcut that gets them lost in Death Valley.

Reverend Brier, a Methodist minister, isn’t so much interested in getting rich as he is in saving souls. But his evangelical desire to be helpful provokes a rash decision that takes him and his family deep into the desert. Only the strength and fortitude of his wife Juliet saves the family from a certain death.

Blood and Darkness  – an event series

Freedom comes with a steep price tag.

The war of rebellion turns into a personal war when three men collide along Sherman’s march to Savannah amidst the destruction of the Old South and the final days of slavery.

Sober Living

The brain that got you into this mess is not going to be the brain that gets you out of it.

When Tim Donovan, a once-promising young business executive, comes out of an alcoholic blackout beaten, bloodied and hungover one morning, he enters into a world of sex, drugs and mental illness that saves his life.

The Pawnbroker

A visit to this shop will change your life.

A lurid old man and his wicked female assistant operate a pawnshop where every article in the shop has a story to tell. When a customer comes in and buys something, they leave the store and are thrust into the story behind the object. Think of "The Twilight Zone" or "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

Traffic Court

A daily comedy disguised as reality television.

In Beverly Hills, a female judge, who appears in court every day after lunch holding two red plastic party cups, presides over a parade of errant citizens, every one with a story to tell (they’re not all claiming innocence).

The judge makes a long, rambling speech every day, advising them of their rights, and along the way, drinks out of the cups (is it vodka?) and steers each and every defendant into the best choice for their particular traffic violation while a bailiff, who gets to hear this rambling discourse every single day, rolls his eyes and dreams of long vacations.